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Saturday, April 11, 2009

How To Find Out if a Girl Likes You

1. If she sits next to you, move a little closer, into her personal space, but not too much. If she doesn't scoot away, she probably likes you.
2. When she is talking to you, have a friend of yours say hi to her. If she briefly says hi back to him/her then starts talking with you again like she wasn't even interrupted, there's a good chance she likes you.
3. Get a group of people (including her, of course) around you and ask them who they like. When you come to her, it'll seem natural that you're asking her. If she says "Nobody!" and giggles, she probably likes you.
4. If when you ask her simple questions, she not only answers them, but follows up her answer with a comment to keep the conversation going, she probably likes you.
5. Ask the guy that sits next to you to watch her as you walk up to the front of the classroom. Make sure she notices you. When you sit back down, ask the guy if she did anything such as stare at you or giggle to one of her friends while looking/pointing at you. If any of this happened, she may like you.
6. Ask her where she likes to hang out, as if you eventually wanted to ask her out, and if she gets real excited, she probably likes you.
7. Drop something like your pencil case or binder. If she takes the initiative to help you or doesn't laugh at it when everyone else is laughing and stands up for you, she probably likes you.
8. If she looks in your eyes for a second but then quickly turns away
9. If she smiles at everything you say or laughs at things that aren't even really funny she probably likes you


cik erin said...

ngee... can i say that the facts are totally true? :D

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